Beautiful Essential Oil Blend

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    Beautiful Essential Oil Blend brings together the enchanting aromas of Osmanthus, Lime oil, Bergamot oil, and Frankincense oil. The invigorating citrus scents of Lime and Bergamot perfectly complement the grounded, relaxing aromas of Osmanthus and Frankincense for an entirely unique personal aroma that is light, bright, and elegant. Beautiful Touch makes a lovely and captivating personal aroma to use daily or on special occasions.

    The Essential Oils
    Beautiful Blend is a harmonious combination of Lime, Bergamot, Frankincense, and Osmanthus essential oils.
    Lime essential oil has a fresh and energizing scent. Its tart aroma is balanced by the fruity and floral scents also found in Beautiful Blend. Bergamot essential oil has a notably calming aroma among citrus oil. Its rich concentration of linalool also contributes to Bergamot's skin cleansing capabilities. Frankincense essential oilis the king of essential oils, prized for its benefits to the skin, and its rich, relaxing aroma rounds out the aromatic profile of Beautiful Blend. Osmanthus essential oil is chemically similar to Rose essential oil. It possesses a fruity and floral scent reminiscent of fresh apricots or lilac blossoms, creating an uplifting and captivating note.

    How do I use doTerra Beautiful Blend Oil?

    Personal Aroma: Beautiful blend is designed with the specific intention to be used as a daily essential oil perfume scent. It's compact and beautiful 10 mL roller design makes it easily portable for application throughout the day. Simply roll Beautiful Blend onto your wrists, neck, or collar for an irresistible personal aroma fit for any occasion.

    Diffuser Jewelry: Another way to enjoy the delightful aroma of Beautiful Blend is to wear it with your favourite diffuser jewelry pieces. Roll it onto felt or clay jewelry pendants and beads to match with your personal style. After all, the perfect aroma makes an excellent accessory to any outfit.

    Scented Bouquet: Fabric or felt flowers are a simple way to beautify your space or to give as a thoughtful gift. Turn them into personalized passive diffusers by rolling a small amount of Beautiful Blend onto the petals, then enjoy the lasting fragrance.

    Sachet Diffusers: Even a roller bottle can be used to apply delightful scents to a simple sachet diffuser for your car, gym bag, or sock drawer. To make your own, simply roll Beautiful Blend generously onto a cotton ball and place in a car vent, or into a small sachet pouch to keep in your bags, drawers, or closets.