Dream Weaver Mister Essential Oil Blend

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    Relax & drift into a soothing slumber with essential oils that allow your body & mind to find your dreams.
    The Dream Weaver is a sleepy spray and is perfect for the young and old alike. We do find that the Dream Weaver is our preferred Sleepy product for anyone under 20 years of age. With the essential oils of Lavender and Roman Chamomile the sedating scent is sure to please. Just Shake & Spray in the bedroom and on your pillow. Our Aromatherapy Misters are both a room and body spray, so close your eyes and spray on your face, or spray the air and walk into it. The instructions on the bottle say 'Shake, Spray and Breathe'. When you breathe in, feel the way the essential oils change your body's moods & emotions. Truly amazing. Comes in a 125ml aluminum bottle with a black spray top.